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I have a very simple rating system in my database where each rating is stored as an enum('1','-1'). To calculate the total I tried using this statement:

SELECT SUM(CONVERT(rating, SIGNED)) as value from table WHERE _id = 1

This works fine for the positive 1 but for some reason the -1 are parsed out to 2's.

Can anyone help or offer incite?

Or should I give up and just change the column to a SIGNED INT(1)?

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Yes, I'd suggest to change the type of the column. The issue becomes clear when you read the doc about enum type (which strongly recommends not to use numbers as enumeration values!) - the index of the enum item is returned, not the enum value itself.

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Well, it'd be even more descriptive to change the enum values to up and down! – Kerrek SB Jul 23 '11 at 22:32
Perhaps, but if he needs to do a lot of this kind of "rating arithmetic" it quickly becomes tedious (and slow)... much simpler to operate with "plain integer values". – ain Jul 23 '11 at 22:42
yea I went ahead and changed it after posting this question. Thanks for the explanation tho. Very helpful – NSjonas Jul 25 '11 at 4:07

this is what you want

select enum+0 as enum
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This conversion to int in MySQL for enum is only possible:

CAST(CAST(`rating` AS CHAR) AS SIGNED) as value from table WHERE _id = 1
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SELECT SUM( IF( columnname >0, CAST( columnname AS CHAR ) , NULL ) ) AS vals
FROM `tableName` 
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Hi! How does this help? Feel free to explain a bit more and to use code formatting. – Quentin Pradet May 2 '12 at 6:47

Ok guys,

Just had a bit of a mere of a time with this one. I learned that i shouldn't use ENUMs where integers are the values. However We had years worth of data and i couldn't alter the database.

This bad boy worked (turning it into a character, then into a signed int).

CAST(CAST(`rating` AS CHAR) AS SIGNED) as value from table WHERE _id = 1
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