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please tell me how to make a delay function to delay functions!

DelayCommand(functionToDelay, Delaytime);

..? in php 5.3+

thanks for any help

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function delayCommand($callback, $delayTime) {
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The problem with sleep though is that it affects the page on a global level even when it sits inside a function. This means you can't use this function in the middle of the page. Just to demonstrate my point, if you set the timer for 5 seconds and use the function in the middle of the page, the first half of the page would load but then the second half wouldn't load for 5 seconds. That draw back makes sleep seem like a pretty useless function to me. –  Dan T Sep 25 at 22:09

This should work, consider switching out sleep() to usleep().

function DelayCommand($functionToDelay, $delayTimeInSeconds) {

DelayCommand(function() { echo "yes"; }, 5);

(Code is untested)

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function delayCommay($function, $nano){

Will do the trick however it is synchronous. So if you make a call to delayCommand it will delay your whole script until it has run the command.

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If you want it done asynchronously, see my answer here: Scheduling php scripts

For your information, here's a list of related functions:

  • sleep() / usleep() - Sleep for an amount of (micro)seconds.
  • time_sleep_until() - Sleep until a timestamp.
  • time_nanosleep() - Sleep for an amount of seconds and nanoseconds.
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