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Has anyone got langutils working with sbcl?

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Definitely, my email is eslick @ the mit media lab. I have a deployed web application using langutils to stem text into Montezuma for full text indexing running on SBCL. I've been meaning to take another stab at packaging and releasing langutils; perhaps in a month or two. Love to have your feedback.

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I had problems getting load.lisp to detect the dependencies, particularly port. I would appreciate it if you could assume a dir structure and explain how to configure load.lisp. (Assume that libraries are installed using asdf-install into ~).You could also assume that reader knows jack about asdf :) –  Abhijith Mar 27 '09 at 18:16

Why not ask Ian Eslick himself? He'd probably be quite interested in any problems you experienced with langutils and SBCL.

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