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I need to compose images in rmagick. If I put a png that has transparent regions on another image and set the opacity of that png to 50% the parts that where transparent become white (with 50% opacity). But I want these regions to stay transparent.

Here's my code:

canvas =,768)
canvas.opacity = Magick::MaxRGB
image ='/tmp/trans.png').first
image.background_color = "none"
image.opacity = Magick::MaxRGB/2
canvas.composite!(image, 50, 50, Magick::OverCompositeOp)

Any suggestions?

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After 8 hours of Googling I came across this post which allowed me to come up with the answer.

convert FileIn.png -channel a -evaluate Multiply 0.5 +channel FileOut.png

-channel a forces the selection of the alpha channel
-evaluate Multiply 0.5 modifies the transparency of the image
+channel changes the selection to include all of the channels in the output

And then to merge the two transparent png's and end up with a 3rd transparent png
(Please note I'm using GraphicsMagick for this operation instead of ImageMagick)

gm convert FileIn1.png FileIn2.png -background transparent -mosaic FileOut.png
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