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I am trying to add multi tenancy to a java application using the separate schema approach as outlined in this webinar

I wanted to know how would i configure mulitple datasources via spring perhaps by using properties files and get the datasources from the spring context based on tenant id.

More importantly though i want to be able to configure my custom connection provider implementation that supports this multi-tenancy feature to be used by hibernate instead of the injectedconnectionprovider that it uses by default.

How can i achieve this.

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Use the AbstractRoutingDataSource. See my answer located @ Multiple Entity Manager issue in Spring when using more than one datasource.

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This post demonstrate how to use spring security and AbstractRoutingDataSource to build up Multi-Tenancy SaaS applications. Extend Spring Security to Protect Multi-tenant SaaS Applications

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If you want to do multi-tenancy by ConnectionProvider, you'll need a thread-local to provide context. See this brief run-through:

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