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ActionView::MissingTemplate in Devise/sessions#new

Showing /app/views/layouts/application.html.erb where line #36 raised:

Missing partial devise/sessions/rightsidediv with {:handlers=>[:erb, :rjs, :builder, :rhtml, :rxml], :formats=>[:html], :locale=>[:en, :en]} in view paths "/app/views", "/home/user1/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p180/gems/devise-1.4.2/app/views"

I have this in application.html.erb :

<%= render :partial => "rightsidediv" %>

The _rightsidedive.html.erb is in /views/posts/

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add the path to your include:

<%= render :partial => "/views/posts/rightsidediv" %>
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Still i got errors –  railshero Jul 24 '11 at 4:29
What is the error now? –  Kevin Tsoi Jul 24 '11 at 4:40
This isn't the proper way to render a partial. You simply write <%= render "partialName" %> You just need to make sure your partials are in the right place. –  Arel Mar 3 '13 at 5:34

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