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I have a jQuery Template that is rendering a list of comments:

<script id="CommentTemplate" type="text/x-jquery-tmpl">
    <div class="Entry" id="${ID}">${Comment}</div>

This is being populated by a AJAX call and is working fine. I want to add a list of replies asynchronously. I would like to trap the event when this template content is rendered and append the replied to the Entry. Is there a way to call a JS function, say ShowResults(id) populated by ${ID} when each Entry is rendered?


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So after some digging I found a pretty elegant solution. You can pass an set of key value pairs to the template via the options parameter in the tmpl signature. I pass a function call as shown below:

$("#CommentTemplate").tmpl(result, {
    LoadReplies: function (key) {

Then in the GetReplies I do an AJAX call and apply to a second template. Worked like a charm.

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