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I can't seem to figure out the regular expression I need in order to parse the following.

<div id="MustBeInThisId">
   <div class="ValueFromThisClass">
      The Value I need

As you can see I have a wrapping div with an id. That div contain multiple other divs but only one of those divs I need the value from.

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Oh, what should I use? I'm using PHP by the way. Edit: noticed the link... thanks Edit 2: That's nice and all but it doesn't stop me from needed the ability. – Paramount Jul 24 '11 at 5:57
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If you are trying to extract some data from an HTML document, you should not use regular expressions.

Instead, you should use a DOM Parser : those are made exactly for that.

In PHP, you would use the DOMDocument class, and its DOMDocument::loadHTML() method, to load the HTML content.

Then, you can work with methods such as :

You can even work with DOMXpath to execute XPath queries on your HTML content -- which will allow you to search for pretty much anything in it.

In your case, I suppose that something like this should do the trick.

First, get your HTML content into a string (or use DOMDocument::loadHTMLFile()) :

$html = <<<HTML
    <div id="MustBeInThisId">
    <div class="ValueFromThisClass">
        The Value I need

Then, load it to a DOMDocument instance :

$dom = new DOMDocument();

Instanciate a DOMXPath object, and use it to query your DOM object :
My XPath expression might be a bit more complex than necessary... I'm not really good with those...

$xpath = new DOMXPath($dom);
$items = $xpath->query('//div[@id="MustBeInThisId"]/div[@class="ValueFromThisClass"]');

And, finally, work with the results of that query :

if ($items->length > 0) {
    var_dump( trim( $items->item(0)->nodeValue ) );

And here is your result :

string 'The Value I need' (length=16)
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Great solution but unfortunate the HTML I'm loading isn't completely valid so loadHTML is throwing errors. Edit: I take that back, they are warnings not errors, so I can suppress them. – Paramount Jul 24 '11 at 6:31
You should be able to make those disappear, using the @ operator (it's generally not a good idea using it, though), see ;; or with the libxml functions, see for example. – Pascal MARTIN Jul 24 '11 at 6:33

Use something like simplehtmldom - it will make your life much, much easier.

$html = str_get_html($source_code);
$tag = $html->find("#MustBeInThisId .ValueFromThisClass", 0);
$the_value_i_need = $tag->innertext;
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That was what I was using until I came to the situation that I need to pass cookies and a user agent. – Paramount Jul 24 '11 at 6:07
You were possibly using file_get_html() - notice that the code example I put there is using str_get_html(). You can pass it any string, from whatever you use to acquire the source code - for instance, you could use the cURL bindings to pass cookies/UA, and then take the resulting source code and pass it to str_get_html(). – Amber Jul 24 '11 at 6:10

Regex can't parse HTML since HTML isn't a regular language. You should use DOMDocument.

Then you get nice functions like getElementById :)

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Or try a javascript library like JQuery. I think it's the easiest way to do vhat you want.

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