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I have created a Stored Procedure with the name getRecords 1 month ago,

I want to edit that Stored procedure getRecords ,

Please tell me how to modify the Stored procedure

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Use CREATE OR REPLACE instead of simply using CREATE

To display old procedure see the USER_SOURCE table.

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You can use CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE. See here, for example.

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go to the sp and right click - modify

then change the

**create getRecords  -> alter getRecords** 
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what database system?

if mssql then the syntax for it is here:


So you would do something like

ALTER PROCEDURE schemaname.procedurename ...

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The "plsql" tag strongly indicates that it's an Oracle database, although it could be DB2 or perhaps others. –  Bob Jarvis Jul 26 '11 at 13:08

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