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I'm trying to parse a PDF to XML in c# and i want to extract headings like: I. INTRODUCTION, II. PAGE LAYOUT which are categorized by roman numerals from my file. I would like to write a regex to match strings like this I tried a couple of things but doesn't work, can anyone help?

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This should do what you need:

[IVXLCDM]+. [A-Z ]+

As stated here:

\. will match a period since the period character is a special character (meaning match any character) in regular expression syntax.

On the other hand, if you want to make sure that the string contains only Roman numerals and a heading name, you might want to use this:

^[IVXLCDM]+\. [A-Z ]+$

The ^ and $ are called anchors. The ^ instructs the regex engine to start matching from the very beginning of the string while the $ instructs the regex engine to stop matching at the very end of the string. The complete list of Roman Numerals can be obtained from Wikipedia

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Here's the simple one

\b[IVX]+. [A-Z ]+

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This should mostly work:

^[IVXLCDM]+\. [^\p{Ll}]+?$

This will match headers containing numbers and symbols, but will explicitly exclude Unicode lowercase characters.

Also, ensure that you use the option RegexOptions.Multiline, like so: (where inp is your input string)

foreach (var match in
        @"^[IVXLCDM]+\. [^\p{Ll}]+?$",
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