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I need to compare the relevance of the search results across different Lucene queries.

Actually I have an indexed set of text documents and when a search is done on this set I want to return not the N best results from this set but all the results which fit the query "good enough".

This "good enough" parameter will be configurable (say between 0 (document is absolutely irrelevant) and 1 (document is the best match possible)) but I want it to affect all queries in the same way.

From what I have found on the internet it is not a simple task. Could anybody give me a hint about how to approach this problem?

Thanks a lot!

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Not sure what you mean? Do you want to threshold out query results? It is easy to do that with Solr. With Lucene you need to write a custom collector: look here… – Mikos Jul 25 '11 at 1:13
Thanks Mikos, but as it is written in Shashikant Kore's comment there, scores are relative to queries and hence I can't use the same threshold for measuring "goodness" of results across multiple queries. I am looking into the way of normalizing the scores somehow so that these normalized values mean the same in terms of "goodness" for all queries. – Serpenty Jul 25 '11 at 7:37
ahh! I think I better understand your question, but feel that is more suited for statistics than Lucene per se. You might want to look up ANOVA or Chi-squared test in statistics while might help you determine goodness-of-fit across queries using the array of result document scores. HTH. – Mikos Jul 25 '11 at 8:00

Even if you normalize the scores to a [0,1] interval, it is apparently incorrect to compare the scores of different queries, see How to normalize Lucene scores?

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I was just looking for the answer to this same question. Here's what I found in looking around:

While in general it is not possible to compare across queries, if you have certain restricted types of queries, such as a BooleanQuery consisting of only TermQuerys, then it may be possible to compare results across queries if you disable the coord boost in the BooleanQuery constructor.

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