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I am new to playframework, we are planning a big project witch will be expose api for other applications can integrate with it; Do we have any extensions or libraries like django-piston that support playframework ?

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There are great tutorials on how to do that on a blog and at StackOverflow.

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No need to install extensions on Play!, the simplest thing is to use a REST API and all is ready! Look at the tutorial given by freedompeace, and come back when you have questions.

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Play framework is build on top of Netty to make it easy to write HTTP services, it does not matter if these respond with HTML, JSON, XML. What you have to do to create services is to setup routes for your application resources in conf/routes like this.

GET     /api/projects                 controllers.ProjectController.index
POST    /api/projects                 controllers.ProjectController.create
GET     /api/projects/:id             controllers.ProjectController.show(id: Long)
PUT     /api/projects/:id             controllers.ProjectController.update(id: Long)
DELETE  /api/projects/:id             controllers.ProjectController.delete(id: Long)

Then implement the controller methods with something like this:

def index() = Action { implicit request =>

Read this for more details on routing and controllers.

Then implement your models using Anorm or some other library to create your models.

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