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I'm a bit confused as to how to get two method to call each other (i.e., have A() call B() and B() call A()). It seems that F# only 'sees' the method after it's been encountered in code, so if it hasn't, it just says value or constructor has not been defined.

Am I missing something very basic here?

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'let rec... and...' is the syntax you seek.

let rec F() = 
and G() =

See also

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Since the question is about methods, and Brian's answer is about functions, maybe it's useful to point out that you can use a similar syntax for types:

type A() =
    let b = new B()
    member x.MethodA() = b.MethodB()
and B() =
    member x.MethodB() = ()

Note also that members are 'let rec' by default (in fact I don't think they can be not recursive).

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Functions declared via let

let rec a () = b ()
and b () = ()

These are mutually recursive functions.

Methods within the same type

type T () =
    member t.A () = t.B()
    member t.B () = ()

This is trivial; it just works.

Methods within different types

type TypeA () =
    member t.A (b : TypeB) = b.B()

and TypeB () =
    member b.B () = ()

This uses the type ... and syntax for mutually recursive types.


Normally, and is only used if the calls occur in both directions. Otherwise, it may be better to re-order the declarations so that the called function comes first. It is often helpful for type-inference and readability to avoid circular dependencies, and to not imply them where they aren't used.

I propose to edit the question to either ask for functions in general, or to ask for different types (in which case I would remove the first two cases from this answer). Methods are usually considered to be a subset of functions, which is the general mathematical term. However, all F# functions are technically CLI methods, as that is what they are compiled to. As is, it is not clear what the question is asking for, but I assume from the accepted answer that it does not only ask for methods, as the title would imply.

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