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For educational purposes, I am delving into some web development. What I have in mind right now is a website where users can submit as well as view benchmark scores for CPUs, GPus etc. As is evident, this will be heavily driven by a database which will store all the scores etc.

I have programming experience with OOPs (C++, C#), and am not too worried about picking up PHP. However, I feel intimidated by front-end design (HTML, CSS etc.), and for that reason am shying away from developing the website from scratch.

I'm using MS WebMatrix, but I'm not sure which CMS will be best suited for me. Currently, I've reviewed the following: DotNetNuke, Umbraco, Joomla, Drupal; but haven't been able to pinpoint one yet.

Any suggestions which will be best suited for my kind of website?

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Most widespread like Wordpress and Drupal CMS (and others) are extensible, meaning that you can create your own content types following the imposed workflow of each one's architecture. So the best suited for you will be the one that take less time learning.

I will recommend you Wordpress because I found that the learning curve is minimal if you can read their PHP source code, that is no need to read a book in its nth edition to cover to cover.

This page is a good start point to create a post type for Bechmarks. But again you could accomplish the same with other CMS, say Drupal. A sibling site of SO is devoted solely to WordPress.

hope that helps!

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