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var exit: String = expensiveOperation
if (exit.contains(...)) exit = somethingElse

The key is I only wish to call


once since it consumes many clock cycles

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If you don’t want to expose the other val, do it inline:

val exit = {
  val result = expensiveOperation
  if (result.contains(...)) somethingElse
  else result

or, if you like

val exit = expensiveOperation match {
  case res if res.contains(...) => somethingElse
  case res if res.contains(...) => somethingBetter
  // ...
  case res => res
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a silly solution: just introduce another val.

   val expected = expensiveOperation 
   val exit = if(expected.contains(...)) expected else something else
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can't see what's silly about that –  Kim Stebel Jul 24 '11 at 10:34

One possible solution: extract a method.

def exitValue(...): String = {
    val exit: String = expensiveOperation
    if (exit.contains(...)) somethingElse else exit

val exit = exitValue(...)
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You could write that inline without an extra method. –  Debilski Jul 24 '11 at 11:21

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