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I'm using Doctrine 2.

I want to get all Entities of an entity class except for the one with id = 0.

I could use QueryBuilder like this:

// $em is EntityManager
         ->from('Category', 'c')
           ->where('c.id <> 0')

But looking at this code, it feels like too much for such a simple task. I'm curious to know if there is any other simpler way in Doctrine for doing this.

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Nop, that's how you should do it. You could omit query builder and pass entire DQL query:

$em->createQuery("SELECT c FROM Category c WHERE c.id != 0")->getResult();
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Thanks. this does look better. Do u think this will also perform better than the code I posted above? –  rineez Jul 27 '11 at 20:14
@rineez: Yes, it's slightly faster, but the difference is so small it's not worth the attention. Whenever use of query builder will make code cleaner / easier to read use query builder. –  Crozin Aug 7 '11 at 16:06

It's not the better practice to pass the ID number, you might pass the Category object like this :

public function findAllExcept($category) {
    $qb = $this->createQueryBuilder('Category');
    $qb->add('select', 'c')
       ->add('from', 'Category c')
       ->add('where', 'c != :category')
       ->setParameter('category', $category);
    return $qb->getQuery()->getResult();
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You are not answering the actual question here. So you could post it as a comment. When you talk about better practices, A little bit of explanation about why you call it a better practice would help. –  rineez Jun 26 '14 at 6:46

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