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I'm getting a NullPointerException when running this bit of code

abstract class thing extends Drawable(){
    Bitmap sprite;
    int spriteResource;

    public thing(){

    public void draw(Canvas c){
    bit= Bitmap.createBitmap(sprite,0,0,45,  45);// Generates the exception
    c.drawBitmap(bit, x, y, null);

     abstract void setResource();

class otherThing extends thing(){
      public void setResource(){

Basically i'm trying to load different sprites into different classes by using the method of the parent class. But the spriteResource doesn't get set and I can't understand why? I set up the log which returned the Resource as 0. Any ideas why this is happening or how to resolve it???


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When createBitmap in thing() is trying to give the sprite variable a value, sprite is one of its in-parameters, this means that you are trying to use sprite before it is created and you get a null pointer exception.

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You are awesome! I have been beating my head on the wall for a similar problem. Your answer suggested me that "we cannot refer resources that have not been created yet", and this helped me solve my issue. You are my hero! (sob) –  Rahul Thakur May 17 '13 at 9:24

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