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I have got XML as following :

<Temp NAME="bobo"> 
    <elem1 />
        <Attri1 ID="123" />
        <Attri2 MOM="9" ID="7" SSS="2" />
         <Attri3 MOM="44" ID="4" DSC="First Test"/>

I'm using annotations to map to java classes :

@XmlRootElement(name = "Temp")
public class Temp {

    public ArrayList<elem> elms;

public class elem {

public class elem1 extends elem{

public class elem2 extends elem{

public class elem3 extends elem{

In each element there can be lots of attributes.

Can someone please help me how to annotate the java classes correctly ?

Let me sharpen my question. I need to build from this XML a java objects that will have 3 parameters : name of the first element(p1) , name of child element(p2), map values (p3).

The XML above will generate 4 java elem objects as following:

all java objects type is elem!

obj1 :

p1 = elem1
p2 = null
p3 = null

obj2 :

p1 = elem2
p2 = Attri1
p3 =  map:   key   value
             (ID,  123)

obj3 :

p1 = elem3
p2 = Attri2
p3 =  map:   key   value
             (MOM,  9)
             (ID,  7)
             (SSS,  2)

obj4 :

p1 = elem3
p2 = Attri3
p3 =  map:   key   value
             (MOM,  44)
             (ID,  4)
             (DSC,  First Test)

Thanks in advance! Boris.

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OK, so what happens when you try what you have? –  skaffman Jul 24 '11 at 12:34
The Thing is i don't now how to handdle the attributes correctly for example in elem2 there is attribute name 'attri1' it can also be some other attribute , in need to now the name of the attribute and then it's value.. each attribure is different object. –  boris Jul 24 '11 at 13:06

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Well, you need to have a schema definition for your xml which covers all your cases. If indeed you need dynamic structure you need to build it in a different way with key & value pairs. For ex:

< Attribute >

<name >ID</name >
<value > 123</value >


< Attribute name="ID" value="123" >

This will give you a collection of attributes for each element. This can be represented in your schema. Once you have the schema, you can generate or create your objects

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I don't have a chema definition for my xml. I need to work with this xml because this the input my application need to work with –  boris Jul 25 '11 at 9:13
In that case consider DOM parser, you can internally convert them to key/value pairs like the object you have mentioned. For JAXB, as far as my knowledge goes it maps to a schema. –  isobar Jul 25 '11 at 9:26
Queation - how could I set p1 (elem java object that is generated from the xml) value to the name of the first element - which is elem1 ? it's somthing the i need to add to elem class using annotations.. something like this : public class elem { XmlAttribute public String p1; XmlAttribute public String p2; public Map p1; } –  boris Jul 25 '11 at 13:41

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