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how to use filter data as sql do "LIKE" in MongoDB, instead I using gem mongomapper on my rails apps? .thanks

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If you're looking for partial matches on a string you can query with a regular expression. Here's the relevant part of the mongomapper docs:

Worth noting this from the Mongodb docs:

"For simple prefix queries (also called rooted regexps) like /^prefix/, the database will use an index when available and appropriate (much like most SQL databases that use indexes for a LIKE 'prefix%' expression). This only works if you don't have i (case-insensitivity) in the flags."

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the closest thing to SQL LIKE would be /query/


Person.where('name' => /John/).all => John F, John Doe, Johnny...etc

Edit: this is still case sensitive

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try these it work for me :

@store_array=User.where(:$or => [{:first_name => /.#{@search_text}./i}, {:last_name => /.#{@search_text}./i}]).all();

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