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I want do add some pages in a multipage when a Initialize the form. I did it with this code:

Me.Controls("main").Pages.Remove (Page1)
Me.Controls("main").Pages.Remove (Page1)
For Each pagini In ws1.Range("pagini")
    Me.Controls("main").Pages.Add (pagini)
Next pagini

In the pagini range are the names of the captions for the pages. It works fine... it generates the pages with those names but now I want to dynamically add some other controls on everypage and I have a problem... I don't know the names of the pages. I tried to add the names in the code above but I get an error when I tried to compile

Me.Controls("main").Pages.Add ("test" &i,pagini)

So I want to add a name for every page added in that code but I don't know how.... after I add the name I want to add some other controls on each page but that's a different story and I hope I'll manage to do that! Thanks a lot!

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You have access to the page count information, via Me.Controls("main").Pages.Count which is current after you've added the pagini.

Therefore, go to Me.Controls("main").Pages(Me.Controls("main").Pages.Count) and change whichever property you would like.

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Thanks for your answer. So after I add pagini I should add something like Me.Controls("main").Pages(Me.Controls("main").Pages.Count).Name = "test"&i ? –  Andrei Ion Jul 24 '11 at 15:43
@Andrei Yes that should work. I didn't test out your example. –  jonsca Jul 24 '11 at 15:44

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