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Can someone explain what technology are sites like Ustream using?

Do they use p2p for Flash?

Can someone suggest some tools to build such a website?


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On the back end, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder encodes users’ video feeds and Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server streams them live, as well as supporting the site’s interactive capabilities. Feher and his engineering team used Adobe Flash Professional software to craft the rich, immersive user interface for the site, and the ActionScript language to develop Ustream.TV’s interactive features.

You can read about the technology behind Ustream at the following URL, where Adobe can't resist from bragging about how great it is that they used Flash:


In terms of creating a site like UStream, that would be a huge, time-consuming project requiring a lot of prerequisite knowledge. Have you done anything with Flash before? I noticed you tagged your post with html5. Unfortunately, HTML5 is not yet at the point where live streaming is particularly feasible to a wide audience, you can read more about those issues in an article by the creator of JW Player.

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No. That's why I am asking. I thought you can build the website with any other language and implement only the relevant parts in p2p. –  salamis Jul 24 '11 at 13:57
As you can see in my edited question, live streaming is not possible at the moment with HTML5. By "any other language", do you mean server-side language or something like Actionscript (Flash)? –  autibyte Jul 24 '11 at 14:01

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