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I have an image that I want to resize after page load to fit its parent (maybe using little animation) and then blur. Any tips?



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var img = $('.anImage'),
    offset = img.offset();

// position image absolutely in the same position to allow it to expand
       position: "absolute",
       top: offset.top,
       left: offset.left,
       zIndex: 100
   // animate expansion
       top: 0,
       left: 0,
       width: img.parent().width(),
       height: img.parent().height()
   }, "fast")
   // fadeout

The only requirement is that you leave the parent element with position: relative.

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this works great, I only had to change the fadeout to .fadeTo('slow', 0.3)! Thank you very much!!! – L-Four Jul 24 '11 at 14:26

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