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I'm trying to fetch some data from php to flash and print it in a dynamic text field. I know this might be a silly question but i cant seem to work out how to get flash to process the code text_field.text = data.return_msg; without it needing an event listener.

So i want the code to be processed as soon as flash discovers it basically.

this is what i have at the moment:

var variables:URLVariables = new URLVariables("get_blog_info.php");

// Build the varLoader variable
var varLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader;
varLoader.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.VARIABLES;


var data:URLVariables = new URLVariables(;
title_txt.text = data.return_msg;

and i get this error:

"1120: Access of undefined property event."

I know its a basic question, but i'm new to flash so any help would be much appreciated.


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You need to actually listen to your loader in order to detect when it receives a response from PHP. Only then will you have an event object, and a populated data property. You should be doing something like this:

var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
loader.load(new URLRequest("get_blog_info.php"));

function onLoaded(evt:Event):void
    loader.removeEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,onLoaded); // recomended, to prevent memory leaks. if you will not be using this loader again.
    title_txt.text =;

I've deliberately ignored your use of URLVariables as I believe you have misunderstood its purpose. You would create an instance of URLVariables with a string of name/value pairs, which are variables that will get sent to your PHP script. Since you don't seem to be using any variables for the request I have ignored it

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hey. Just tried the code you suggested. It doesn't seem to return any data as nothing is showing up. Thanks. – user849137 Jul 24 '11 at 14:33
Have you tested your PHP script on its own in a browser to make sure it is outputting as expected? – shanethehat Jul 24 '11 at 14:34
Yes i have. Just done another check now. Everything is working fine in the php. I do have one included file which ive just tried to remove and still nothing from flash so i'm pretty sure the problems not coming from php. – user849137 Jul 24 '11 at 14:36
ah, got it working. It was a silly mistake i made when editing the code a little. Thanks for your help! – user849137 Jul 24 '11 at 14:42

Web requests are asynchronous-only in Flash. You have no choice but to add an event listener to be informed when the load has completed, at which time you can access the data.

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The documentation shows the only way to do what you're looking for. You have to wait until it receives the information back from the request to display the text:

// notice: you want to have a request which points to the URL, not the variables.
var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest("get_blog_info.php");
var urlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
// it looks like you just want a string returned.
urlLoader.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.TEXT;
urlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, urlLoader_complete);

function urlLoader_complete(evt:Event):void {
    title_txt.text =;
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hey, just tried your code. All that seems to appear is "<?" in the text field. It also shows up in the text field in the .fla file so the "<?" is not coming from the php. Thanks. – user849137 Jul 24 '11 at 14:35

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