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In my previous question I asked about the problem with encoding and open pragma. Based on @daxim's answer coming to my mind another questions.

use open qw(:std :utf8);
  • It is a good practice using the above open pragma? Asking because I cannot ensure than some CPAN packages does not want do some IO - and the open pragma will interfere with them.


  • Is possible somewhat detect, what pragma is in effect for the given stream? For example: is possible somewhat detect than STDOUT is opened with the open(:std :utf8) pragma?
  • more broadly, is possible detect what conversions/(or encoding) is applied for any (already opened) file-handle? (if so, it is possible to ensure not getting double encoding.)

Ps: I learned much from the tchrit's famous answer, but seem not enough yet. ;(

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You can use PerlIO::get_layers to detect layers assigned to a filehandle:

use open qw(:std :utf8);
open my $in, '<', 'somefile' or die "$!"
my @layers = PerlIO::get_layers($in);      # ("unix", "crlf", "utf8")
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Thanx! Need RTFM perldoc.perl.org/PerlIO.html :) –  jm666 Jul 24 '11 at 15:35

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