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I've been programing with SQL Server and C# for quite some time and I have some code that I need to change to work with Oracle:

SqlConnection connection = (SqlConnection)CreateDBConnection();
IDbTransaction transaction = connection.BeginTransaction(level, "name");

The problem is: if I use OracleConnection instead of SqlConnection there is no way to specify a name for my transaction. I know that the syntax in Oracle allows named transactions, but I don't seem to find a way to do it through .net code.

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You can not set the transaction name. But it is possible to specify a name for the SAVEPOINT.

OracleConnection oracleConnection = new OracleConnection((string.Format("Data Source={0};User Id={1};Password={2}", DATABASE, USERNAME, PASSWORD));
OracleCommand oracleCommand = oracleConnection.CreateCommand();
OracleTransaction oracleTransaction = oracleCommand.Transaction;
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