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Is it possible making a DLL file from an existing project in visual studio C# ? instead of giving an exe , i want to supply a DLL file for another person to use my methods in his code. i want to take the project as a whole and supply a DLL. It is already a big project with many components , but its built not right and it will take a whole lot of time to make this code into modules, so i rather give the whole project as a dll.

thanks for any help.

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Project properties -> Application tab -> Output type -> Select 'Class library' there.

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Do you want to keep the EXE version of the project as well?

If so, create a new project that has a target of assembly in the same solution, and then link the existing .cs / .vb files in

To link

  • right-click on the project
  • add existing
  • select .cs file
  • click "Add" dropdown arrow
  • select link
  • hit "Add Link" button.
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