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When an input is empty I want it to have a red outline (so users know that he missed the field).

When the input is not empty - there should be no outline at all.

The problem is, the outline appears only after I leave the input empty and click somewhere else.

Just try to erase #input and don't click.


Changing live() to blur() doesn't help.

Any ideas?

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You should use the keyup which indicates a key press that checks the input field every time you press a key.

Working demo.

More information on keyboard events:

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Use bind with keyup.

var $el = jQuery("#input");

$el.bind('keyup', function() {
    if ($el.val() != '') {
        $el.css('outline', '0');
    } else {
        $el.css('outline', 'solid 5px red');


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