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Can you use PurePDF to view files or is the api only for writing them?

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Based on the PurePDF Project Page, reading and extracting information from PDFs is supported:

read existing pdf documents (extract strings, streams, images and all the informations from them).   See for an example 

However, if you're looking to view / rasterize a PDF, that's a much more complicated task and doesn't look like it's supported as part of PurePDF.

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Thanks Bilal. Yes viewing/rasterization is what I was talking about. Thanks :) – RapsFan1981 Jul 24 '11 at 16:57

I suggest converting the PDF into a swf file. There are a number of projects out there (including free / open source) that convert pages into SWF files, including being able to still extract the text. :D

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I wanted to create a client side app to read PDF's on the Playbook since Adobe's reader on the Playbook is a piece of junk. :D – RapsFan1981 Aug 3 '11 at 15:17

It looks like you can either navigate to the url of the PDF (maybe in an HTML component?) , OR a richer solution might be to use the open source flex paper :

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