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When I am doing Swing programming, javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel is having fireTableCellUpdated(row, col), to let me specific which row and col of GUI I want to update.

However, when comes to ArrayAdapter, I realize they only provide notifyDataSetChanged. I was expecting I am having access to notifyDataSetChanged(row), to let me update the item I am interested in. I do not want to update the entire list.

I was wondering why don't we have ArrayAdapter's notifyDataSetChanged(row). Or, am I missing something?

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I was wondering why don't we have ArrayAdapter's notifyDataSetChanged(row).

Ask Google. ;-)

Or, am I missing something?


You are (by calling notifyDataSetChanged()) just telling the ListView to redraw the whole list, even if you just have to update a specific item. I believe Google have a good reason for why this was omitted, but as it stands, you are perfectly fine with calling notifyDataSetChanged().

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notifyDataSetChanged() does not take effect on specific child view, as you are asking. It sends signal for the listview/tablerows to be repopulated with new data. Therefore, entire View is told to redrawn with the new data using this method.

Watch this video to get more familiar adapters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDBM6wVEO70

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