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I need to convert Pod to HTML. There are number of Pod::HTML and Pod::Simple::* modules. Which one is the one I should use?

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And the command pod2html is no use? It contains two lines of operational code: use Pod::Html; pod2html @ARGV; – Jonathan Leffler Jul 24 '11 at 19:42
The HTML output for Pod::Html is not bad. It works if you just want something quick and dirty. But it doesn't let you set a header/footer on your html files. Also I think its possible, but after 30 min, I still couldn't get pod to link to each other correctly. Also Pod::Simple::XHTML just has a lot more options. – Eric Johnson Aug 20 '11 at 6:20
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The short answer is Pod::Simple::XHTML. It produces useful yet concise HTML output. You can see an example of the output by viewing the html source at

It also works with Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch which you should check out if you are converting more than one file. Note that the default for Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch is Pod::Simple::HTML. But the maintainer of Pod::Simple, David Wheeler, recommends using Pod::Simple::XHTML.

use Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch;    
use Pod::Simple::XHTML;

mkdir './html' or die "could not create directory: $!";

my $convert = Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch->new;
$convert->batch_convert('./pod', './html');
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