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Before it was shut down on July 20th, I'd been using the Yahoo Boss API to pull LSI terms back to my web app for any given input keyword or keyword phrase.

I've just changed to the Bing API and am using their "Sources=RelatedSearch" query parameter to try to achieve the LSI data.

However, the Bing data is a mere shadow of what the Yahoo Boss API provided. For example, the Yahoo Boss data was much richer in terms of actual semantic synonyms for each search term, where the Bing data is basically just a list of "Related Searches" without regard to semantic proximity.

I'm left wanting. Does Google provide such a service for developers?

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Scott, We have had the same problem. I think some countries (i just posted this question on the yahoo boss forums) from the old boss api are left, not sure which. You might try yandex a russian search site. Have you managed to find anything semantically near as good as the old api? thx, j –  user962306 Sep 24 '11 at 5:35
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