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I was trying to compile a C++ program on Fedora 15 x64. And got the error:

./game: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory.

I read somewhere that all I need to do is install glibc.i686

I installed that and now another error is coming even after using the "-m64" option with g++

error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

Here's what my makefile looks like:

CONC_INC = ./include \
APP = ./src/player_1.cxx

All :  
    g++ -m64 -Wall -g -fPIC -I$(CONC_INC) -c $(APP)
    g++ -m64 -shared -W1 -o *.o
    cp ../lib/
    ln -sf ../lib/ ../lib/
    ln -sf ../lib/ ../lib/
    \rm -f *.so.* *.o
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The original issue that you had suggests that ./game is a 32-bit dynamically-linked executable, which was failing to run because the 32-bit dynamic linker (/lib/ wasn't installed; installing the 32-bit glibc package fixed that.

If ./game is a 32-bit executable which requires as a dynamic library, it's not going to work if is 64-bit, which is what the new error is telling you.

Try building the library as 32-bit instead (-m32 rather than -m64).

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