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I have an intermittent problem where whatever view I set as my starting view, for my MVC3 project, in VS 2010, I get extremely long long load times. I'm now looking at over 2 minutes without anything happening except the browser waiting. I am working with a local DB on my dev machine, and the build time for the project is quick. If I stop to debug in VS, none of my code is running.

When I stop debugging in VS, which takes very long as well, then I finally get a 404 in the browser. What could be causing this, and what measures can I take to diagnose and resolve this issue?

I am using the VS built-in web server, not IIS, and VS 2010 Pro, so no IntelliTrace options.

NEW: When I tried a machine restart, my machine seemed to hang up on the 'logging off' message. I tried the restart because I experienced problems even accessing my C:\Development folder, also unexplained hanging. After the restart, on trying to run the project again, I immediately got a compilation error. That error was there from before the restart, and I suspect it had something to do with the total meltdown, but it's a simple misspelled property name in a view.

After fixing the compilation error, things are back to normal.

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Try turning off IntelliTrace

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It seems that's quite the culprit in other people's cases, but I am running VS 2010 Pro, and I don't have any IntelliTrace options, –  ProfK Jul 24 '11 at 21:19

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