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First of all I have to say I'm very new to Objective-C. I always try to learn new stuff by having a fixed task at hand that I'll try to accomplish. I'm trying to customize Jonathan Wight's neat PDF Reader from https://github.com/schwa/iOS-PDF-Reader to suit the needs of my girlfriend reading her PDFs on the iPad2.

My problem: that reader works great so far - however, it does use UIView to display each single PDF page in full screen mode. I've been trying for many hours now to customize the reader in a way that it supports zooming in a reasonable way and I've been failling to do so. I'd be very grateful if someone could push me to the right direction here. I've added a UIPinchGestureRecognizer to https://github.com/schwa/iOS-PDF-Reader/blob/master/PDFReader/CPDFDocumentViewController.m and can change the zoom a not-seamless fashion by using CGContextScaleCTM within github.com/schwa/iOS-PDF-Reader/blob/master/PDFReader/CPDFPageView.m .This does display a portion of the PDF in a zoomed fashion, however, then I can't scroll the viewport and can only see a tiny portion of the page.

I suspect, that instead of letting CPDFPageView.h inherit from UIView I should probably inherit it from UIScrollView and thus gain both scrolling and zooming support without having to fiddle with gestureRecognizers and contextScaling? I'm frankly quite lost here on how to move on though, since just changing the parent class would not work for me.

A few hints on how to generally work this out would just be so great and much appreaciated. Thanks a bunch in advance.


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