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Here is a curiousity question. I have an application that must support both flat files and the database as a place to persist data. I was thinking maybe using a .csv or tab-delimited set of files as input ...

Is it possible to use NHibernate to write to do both persistance tasks?

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Do the files have to be human readable or is the requirement just to be able to push out to a file as opposed to monolithic db? If human readable isn't necessary i'd suggest SqlLite which NHibernate does support IIRC. – Quibblesome Mar 25 '09 at 11:24
+1 to Quarrelsome. I was thinking the same thing. – Dillie-O Mar 25 '09 at 16:29
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Try using the Jet engine (see this)

Dialect and other nhibernate settings should be the ones for Microsoft Access.

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No not to the best of my knowledge. I have the same requirement and have ended up just using flat XML files and hand rolling all the CRUD.

Just today I did happen to notice this File System Database on codeplex but haven't looked into it properly yet.

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