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so I have the following script

$execStr = 'cd /D Z:\\folder'
$execStr = 'java -jar somejar.jar';

the jar does some operations on a mysql database...

but when I run it, it appears that the jar did not run properly because the database was unchanged

but then when I run the exact same strings from the command line it would work properly

what am I doing wrong?

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What happens if you combine the two exec's? – PeeHaa Jul 24 '11 at 22:54
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shell_exec('/path/to/java -jar Z:\folder\somejar.jar');
where you sub /path/to to the real place your java is run from.

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Try this:

$execStr = 'java -jar Z:\folder\somejar.jar';
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nope didn't work :( – kamikaze_pilot Jul 24 '11 at 22:55

Try running dir or ls after your cd to make sure the exec environment is persisting from one command to the next.

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I guess that's because when you call java -jar ... you're no longer in Z:\folder directory. Try a single command:

java -jar "Z:\folder\somejar.jar"
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