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Basically I want the scenario outline to loop through all of the various combinations so that I don't have to write a bunch of scenarios. I want to have it visit the starting page and then check to see if the links are there however I've hit a barrier.

Cucumber feature

    Scenario Outline: As a user I need links in order to navigate the site
    Given I am a '<user>'
    When I am at the <page> page
    Then I should see a link to '<link>'

    Scenarios: As a user that is not logged in
        |       user         |   page    |  link   |
        | not_signed_in_user |    /      | contact |

Cucumber Feature Steps

    Given /^I am a 'not_signed_in_user'$/ do
         @user = nil

    When /^I am at the (.+) page$/ do |starting_page|
         visit starting_page

    Then /^I should see a link to (.+)$/ do |link|

I need to use something like:

    response.should have_selector('a,':href => link_path,
                                     :content => link )

but that won't work dynamically as it will just check for link_path...

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It sounds like you want to use send("#{link}_path") here. That would generate the link using the routing helper which I think it is what you want.

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This definitely looks like what I need, how would I use it though? link = send("#{link}_path") and then :href => link ? –  BrianJakovich Jul 25 '11 at 4:40
@Avc1298: yes, that's it. Try that. –  Ryan Bigg Jul 26 '11 at 5:50

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