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I have a XULRunner application that needs to copy image data to the clipboard. I have figured out how to handle copying text to the clipboard, and I can paste PNG data from the clipboard. What I can't figure out is how to get data from a data URL into the clipboard so that it can be pasted into other applications.

This is the code I use to copy text (well, XUL):

var transferObject=Components.classes["@mozilla.org/widget/transferable;1"].

var stringWrapper=Components.classes["@mozilla.org/supports-string;1"].

var systemClipboard=Components.classes["@mozilla.org/widget/clipboard;1"].

var objToSerialize=aDOMNode;


var xmls=new XMLSerializer();
var serializedObj=xmls.serializeToString(objToSerialize);



And, as I said, the data I'm trying to transfer is a PNG as a data URL. So I'm looking for the equivalent to the above that will allow, e.g. Paint.NET to paste my app's data.

Thanks in advance.

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Here's a workaround that I ended up using that solves the problem pretty well. The variable dataURL is the image I was trying to get to the clipboard in the first place.

var newImg=document.createElement('img');


var command='cmd_copyImageContents'

var controller=document.commandDispatcher.getControllerForCommand(command);

if(controller && controller.isCommandEnabled(command)){

That copies the image to the clipboard as an 'image/jpg'.

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Thanks for sharing with us Joel! +1 –  pc1oad1etter Sep 28 '08 at 23:41

Neal Deakin has an article on manipulating the clipboard in xulrunner. I'm not sure if it answers your question specifically, but it's definitely worth checking out.

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That is a really good article, in fact it's the basis for the code above. Unfortunately it doesn't deal with getting binary data onto the clipboard. Thanks for the response! –  Joel Anair Sep 16 '08 at 18:10
Doh! #xulrunner? –  pc1oad1etter Sep 18 '08 at 3:29
What is #xulrunner? –  Joel Anair Sep 18 '08 at 19:11
Just suggesting, could join xulrunner's irc channel -- #xulrunner at irc.freenode.net. Someone there might be able to answer your question. –  pc1oad1etter Sep 18 '08 at 23:44
Wow. I had no idea that was there; I've never done IRC. Thanks for the suggestion. –  Joel Anair Sep 19 '08 at 12:33

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