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I'm using puppet and want to test it with noop, but some configuration depends on the hostname like the node types.

How can I set the node name and run puppet with noop to check the node configuration that match the node name?, currently i got this as error message (my laptop is solaria):

Could not find default node or by name with 'solaria, solaria.lan' on node solaria.lan


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puppetd --test --noop --fqdn="hostname.example.com"

Or with 2.6, this may be preferable:

puppet agent --test --noop--fqdn="hostname.example.com"

This will tend to create new certificates on the puppet master, so you'll probably need to run puppetca --clean hostname.example.com on the puppet master afterwords, otherwise when you finally get hosts with those names they'll be unable to set up an SSL relationship with the master.

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I just figure out one possible solution, adding this to my config file

nodename = cert
certname = hostname
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Well, I'm currently using env FACTER_XXX=value FACTER_yyy=value puppet and facter will do the trick for me. –  Jorge Eduardo Cardona Nov 13 '12 at 4:32

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