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despite many tries I can't get the result that I would like to see - text centered within the JLabel and the JLabel somewhat centered in the BorderLayout. I said "somewhat" because there should be also another label "status" in the bottom-right corner of the window. Here the bit of code responsible for that:

setLayout(new BorderLayout());
JPanel area = new JPanel();
JLabel text = new JLabel(
        "<html>In early March, the city of Topeka," +
        " Kansas,<br>temporarily changed its name to Google..." +
        "<br><br> an attempt to capture a spot<br>" +
        "in Google's new broadband/fiber-optics project." +
        "<br><br><br>source:" +
        "#Oil_Tanker_Data_Center</html>", SwingConstants.CENTER);
JLabel status = new JLabel("status", SwingConstants.SOUTH_EAST);
Font font = new Font("SansSerif", Font.BOLD, 30);
// text.setAlignmentX(CENTER_ALIGNMENT);
// text.setAlignmentY(CENTER_ALIGNMENT);
// text.setHorizontalAlignment(JLabel.CENTER);
// text.setVerticalAlignment(JLabel.CENTER);
Font font2 = new Font("SansSerif", Font.BOLD, 20);
area.add(text, BorderLayout.CENTER);        
area.add(status, BorderLayout.EAST);

Thanks for any help provided.

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Possible duplicate of how to center JLabel in Jframe Swing? – 200_success Feb 12 at 7:33
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String text = "In early March, the city of Topeka, Kansas," + "<br>" +
              "temporarily changed its name to Google..." + "<br>" + "<br>" +
              " an attempt to capture a spot" + "<br>" +
              "in Google's new broadband/fiber-optics project." + "<br>" + "<br>" +"<br>" +
JLabel label = new JLabel("<html><div style='text-align: center;'>" + text + "</html>");
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Thank you. That worked. By the way: can I use html to change the font size within one JLabel? I wanted the source address to be smaller. – Hurdler Jul 25 '11 at 0:10
Try "<font size=\"-2\">source:</font>" – Eng.Fouad Jul 25 '11 at 0:14
Actually, the edited version does not work. The methods that I am using later give the following error message: "... is undefined for the type String" – Hurdler Jul 25 '11 at 0:16
@Hurdler You are using an extra " check your code again – Eng.Fouad Jul 25 '11 at 0:18
Using single quotes can save some backslashes: "<div style='text-align: center;'>" – npostavs Mar 13 '12 at 15:40

The following constructor, JLabel(String, int), allow you to specify the horizontal alignment of the label.

JLabel label = new JLabel("The Label", SwingConstants.CENTER);
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Added documentation reference and cleaned up code a little. – Mr. Polywhirl Apr 29 '15 at 4:48

If you cannot reconstruct the label for some reason, this is how you edit these properties of a pre-existent JLabel.

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