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So I'm trying to add a pretty simple context menu like the example given at:


However, this example is pretty complex and not a great starting point to learn from.

I simply want to create a context menu that has 2 or 3 outbound links (that include the latlng on right click). Can anyone give me a simpler example to work from?


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Have you found something yet, I am also looking for a GM V3 context menu library: stackoverflow.com/questions/7168394/google-map-v3-context-menu –  Horst Walter Aug 23 '11 at 22:53

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In the example, you will need to change the following code:

 // MENU : ITEM 1
  menu.add('Direction to here', 'itemB', 


Now, to add your own contect menu items, try something like this

  menu.add('OutboundLink1', 'CSS_class_for_this_link', 
        var lat=$map.gmap3('getLatlng').lat();
        var lon=$map.gmap3('getLatlng').lon();
        window.open('someurl?lat='+lat+'&lon='+lon, 'window name', 'window settings');


Note that you will have to provide your own CSS styling for the context menu.

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