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I'm trying to find a quick way to get an ID from a url like this in javascript or jquery?


want to just get 115025207826515678661 from the URL

Is there a sure way to always get the ID regardless of the way its typed?

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Is the id always the same length ? –  Xalloumokkelos Jul 25 '11 at 0:12

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You could use this javascript which works on all the urls you posted:

var url, patt, matches, id;

url = 'https://plus.google.com/115025207826515678661/posts';
patt = /\/(\d+)(?:\/|$)/
matches = patt.exec(url);
id = matches[1];
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Use the following regular expression to extract the value:


Tested on all of your input strings and it worked on each. The first and only group will have the number you're looking for

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var pos=url.indexOf('com').
var str1=url.substr(pos+3,21);

if the 21 is not constant, then just check the indexOf('/') in the substr:

var pos=url.indexOf('com').
var str1=url.substr(pos+3);
var str2=str1.substr(0,pos);

or, use some regexp magic as was written in a different answer here.

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I believe you could create a new string, and then loop through the URL string, and copy any numbers into the new string, especially if the URLs never have other numerical characters.

Basically, stripping all but numerical characters.

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