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I just got a samsung Galaxy prevail phone and i was going to install my app on the phone. but it dosen't give me that chose. I use my brother phone the newset evo and I was able to just fine so the android sdk was install correct. I also did not get a plane or activation.

my qustion is do i need to download a file or activation before i can install the app i made?

thank you

ok so I went to setting and made sure that unknow Sources is on. However it still not showing up on the AVD manger and I guss i should tell you guys i have a pc.

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On your phone ensure the following is checked: Settings→Applications→Unknown sources

Download and install the Android SDK and run:

adb -d install "the_name_of_apk"
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If you haven't signed your app then you need to enable untrusted apps.

From the home screen press the menu button then

Settings->Applications->Unknown Sources

That should allow you to install your application

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