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I am trying to create an install for a windows service package. I had it install once but now every time I try to uninstall and then re-install it I get the error message above. I have tried changing the assembly name etc to get it to install without any luck. I cannot find any reference to the old file servicename.exe file but I stall can't seem to get this to install again. Can anyone point me towards something that might help me get this uninstalled. I have trieed the installutil but I need to know where the file is located in order to make this work.

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I have used this commands in a bat file that runs every time reinstalling. It works fine for me. Try this and see...

set path=%path%;%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\vXXX

InstallUtil /u YourService.exe

InstallUtil /i YourService.exe

net start "Service name"


If you want to delete/uninstall/remove a Windows service, perhaps left from an incomplete installer, you can use the sc command from an Administrator control prompt: sc delete [servicename].

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