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I want to allocate numbers for a numpy array in C/C++, and pass them to python as a numpy array. That I can do with PyArray_SimpleNewFromData.

The problem is that I also want to register a function that should be invoked from Python when the numpy array reference counter reaches zero, and that would invoke some destructor semantics on the C side... Here is a pseudo-example of what I need:

 float* arr; PyObject* np_arr; void (*destructor)(float* arr);
 // ... C-allocate array on arr, ...
 // ...
 // ... initialize destructor with some suitable value, and then:
 np_arr = /* ... create the array to wrap arr, 
             and to use destructor on some meaningful way ... */

is there a simple way of doing so?

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There is not a simple way as such however I think this URL will answer your question


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Hmm, complicated indeed, but that will do it. Thanks! –  dsign Aug 5 '11 at 7:21

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