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i want to change some python source code , and then compile them ,

but i dot want to use vs2005 , because it is so big , i dont like it ,

so what can i do ,


this is my code use my own python soure code :


Created on 2011-2-25

@author: sina(weibo.com)

import unittest
from weibopy.auth import OAuthHandler, BasicAuthHandler
from weibopy.api import API

class Test(unittest.TestCase):


    def __init__(self):
            """ constructor """

    def getAtt(self, key):
            return self.obj.__getattribute__(key)
        except Exception as e:
            return ''

    def setAccessToken(self, key, secret):
        self.auth = OAuthHandler(self.consumer_key, self.consumer_secret)
        self.auth.setAccessToken(key, secret)
        self.api = API(self.auth)

    def basicAuth(self, source, username, password):
        self.auth = BasicAuthHandler(username, password)
        self.api = API(self.auth,source=source)

    def unread(self):
        count = self.api.unread()
        self.obj = count
        mentions = self.getAtt("mentions")
        comments = self.getAtt("comments")
        followers = self.getAtt("followers")
        dm = self.getAtt("dm")
        print("mentions---"+ str(mentions) +":"+ str(comments) +":"+ str(followers) +":"+ str(dm))

test = Test()
test.basicAuth('consumer_key', 'username', 'password')
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What is the problem with standard python interpreter from python.org/download ? –  taskinoor Jul 25 '11 at 5:06

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Another good IDE is Eclipse with pyDev, if you wanted to give it a try:


Or you can just edit your source in notepad and recompile with the command-line Python compiler/interpreter:


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