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How to make a method be called passive before invoke a method

for example:

public class Robot{
    public static void doSomethingBefore(){
        System.out.println("Do something before sayHello");

public class Person {
    public void sayHello(){
    public static void main(String[] args){
        new Person().sayHello();

If I do like this using the annotation :

public @interface MethodListener {
    public String className();
    public String methodName();

the output will be:

Do something before sayHello hello

now if I want to make some changes in doSomethingBefore method :

public class Robot{
    public static void doSomethingBefore(String name){
        System.out.println("Do something before sayHello "+name);

how should the Annotation definition look like i. e. what changes are needed in MethodListener Annotation? Please let me know... Thanks in advance

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I see that this is strictly connected with this question How to make a method be called passive before invoke a method Even sample code is the same. Please read those answers first (it will explain you some things) and then add more specific question.

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