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Below is my code. The function is called, but it does not work. It dont call the exe. Why?

int Createprocesslogon()
ZeroMemory(&su_info, sizeof(STARTUPINFOW));
su_info.cb = sizeof(STARTUPINFOW);

ZeroMemory(&pi, sizeof(PROCESS_INFORMATION));
CreateProcessWithLogonW(L"xxx", L"localhost", L"123456", 0, L"C:\\Program Files\\app\\IECapt.exe" ,L" --url= --out=test.png --min-width=1024", 0, NULL, NULL, &su_info, &pi);

cout << "testt";

return 0;
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Did you mean CreateProcessAsUser, or CreateProcessWithToken after a call to LogonUser?

EDIT: Try this (embedding argument in one):

CreateProcessWithLogonW(L"xxx", L"localhost", L"123456", 0, 0,
L"\"C:\\Program Files\\app\\IECapt.exe\" \" --url= --out=test.png --min-width=1024\"", 0, NULL, NULL, &su_info, &pi);  
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CreateProcessWithLogonW needs 11 parameters. – Ben Voigt Jul 25 '11 at 12:53
Why do we need to call the LogonUser? What if the admin password is different? how to do? – karikari Jul 26 '11 at 0:52
@Ben,Corrected. Put entire command line with argument in lpCommandLine (6th parameter). @Kari, Either way you need to pass the username/password,or use CredUIPromptForCredentials function. – Ajay Jul 26 '11 at 1:40

lpCommandLine is supposed to be the entire command line, starting with the executable (properly quoted). Otherwise your first argument ends up in argv[0] and is ignored by the program.

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