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I need to check differences of the files which I committed before.
But if I try to diff or export files by using revision range option, the files which others committed also shown in the result.

I need the only files which I committed.
How to export or diff files which are committed by a specific user with svn?

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Save below python file as userchanges.py in current directory and make it executable:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
from subprocess import call
data =  sys.stdin.readlines()
data = data[1:]
horiz_line = '-' * 72
data_len = len(data)
i = 0
while i < data_len:
  while data[i].strip() != horiz_line:
    i += 1
  i += 1
  if i >= data_len:
  rev, name, rest = data[i].split(' | ', 2)
  if name == sys.argv[1]:
    i += 2
    while data[i].strip() != '':
      line = data[i].strip().split(' ')
      print("svn diff -r %s %s" % (rev, line[1][1:]))
      call("svn diff -r %s %s" % (rev, line[1][1:]), shell=True)
      i += 1
  i += 1

Then run:

svn checkout path/to/your/trunk
svn log -v trunk | ./userchanges.py youruser

where youruser is svn user name of the user you want to inspect.

It will run svn diff for each file and revision by selected user.

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thanks for your answer. i dont know phython at all but maybe i can translate the codes to other language i know. i wish there was a easy command to do that on svn its self or tortoisesvn. –  js_ Aug 4 '11 at 8:32

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