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how can insert data array<input name='hello[]'> with function serialize in database?

please give me a example simple?

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It simply like...

Controller :

function foo()
    if( ! empty($_POST))
       $hello = serialize($_POST['hello']);
       // You can do your database abstraction here, but is better to have these in your model
       // Btw, by using CI AR, all values are escaped automatically producing safer queries.
       $this->db->insert('some_table', array('hello' => $hello)); 
       // do something
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$sSerialized = serialize($sData);
INSERT INTO table SET field = ".myqsl_real_escape_string($sSerialized);

I wouldn't advice storing serialized data into your database though.

For a codeigniter specific setup, I think you can see

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codeigniter not have serialize. What is your suggestion? – Mehd S Jul 25 '11 at 7:20

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